Sunday, 21 September 2014

Journaling Cards 1

Hello :)

Last weekend I scrapped this page that I created out of all my own elements and papers. They are taken from a mix of little projects that I worked on a while back. I wanted to try out the journaling cards that I'd created and I am really pleased with the result.

Guernsey Scrapbook - 18th June 2014

The cards are from a little kit called Blue and Cream, the idea here was to keep the elements and papers simple so that they could be used anywhere. They also recolour well. I was really pleased with how the journaling cards worked and I created a custom post mark stamp for one to create more of a postcard feel to the card.

I chose to scrapbook one day of the holiday on one page. To find out more about the coastal walk and Castle Cornet go to this post: the forget-me-not blog post.

I used two different styles of writing. On one card it is a straight journal extract. The other to keep with the postcard theme I have written as if I were going to send it. The photos are my own.

Blue and Cream by Natasha Forder

The flowers were cutout from my own photos, the green and white spotted background, the pin, staple, journal label and a ribbon are from other little projects. The broken ceramics paper is from a photo that I took at the Little Chapel, Guernsey.

Finally I added a few elements from the kit I created below: frames, ribbon and alpha.

A Walk in the Woods by Natasha Forder

All my creations are created in Craft Artist Professional 2. Photos are mainly my own, but sometimes I use Steve's (my partner).

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