Sunday, 8 September 2013

Tattered Wings

I love this mixed media page, which I have created with my own background paper, created from a photograph, a photograph of a butterfly with tattered wings and the poem I wrote inspired by the photo. The poem can be found written separately on the Tattered Wings post at The forget-me-not blog.

Tattered Wings photo and poem © 2013 Natasha Forder
I love being able to mix my creative loves together and this layout is a mixture of three of them, photography, writing and craft. I created the page in Craft Artist.

The background paper I created for my little kit, Natures Beauty. It was created from a photo of a rose that I had processed to give a drawn effect. The paper was pink but I recoloured this brown to fit in with the photo.

I used white chain stitch short from the embroidery brushes in craft artist to edge the photo. I created a transparent square with a brown edge to add a "frame" towards the edge of the background paper.

The photo was taken in my garden, The Brambles, and if you are interested in finding out more check out The Brambles blog.

I couldn't stop thinking about this butterfly with its tattered wings and it didn't take me long to write the short poem based on it. A butterfly once young and flawless, now with its tattered wings, but no less beautiful.

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  1. This is super Natasha, The image and poem work so well together and are very emotive x