Saturday, 4 October 2014

Halloween is almost here...

Hello :) There is this great new kit out at E-scape and Scrap by Julie Mead and Plum Fairy Designs, All Hope is not Lost. It is also free with a $10 purchase for this month. I had real fun creating the layouts below with it. Really off topic for me, a good challenge and I loved it!

I knew that I wanted to create three totally different layouts with the kit. This first layout uses the window element as a middle layer and I think it works brilliantly. On the outside are plants, birds and insects. On the window itself a mix of "potion" items, and who knows what will be cooked up in this place! Finally on the inside the cobwebs and cat. I really enjoyed layering this up.

The Black Cat
The courtyard is much less sinister, which was planned! I loved these chicken elements and I felt that they would be most at home outside. The colourful foreground elements are offset by the monochrome of the background and I was pleased with how this turned out.

The Courtyard
The first element onto this layout was the arch and then I positioned the moons. From there with the space on the right I wanted to bring the outside in. The blue hues on the left are the inside and the pinks the outside. I mirrored the elements too, not exactly but I wanted to give that opposites feel to the page.

Three Moons
The kit has that Halloween feel to it but it is incredibly versatile and I'm looking forward to creating some more layouts with it in the future.

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