Sunday, 14 July 2013

Natures Beauty

Natures Beauty © 2013 Natasha Forder
As much as I love to use kits designed by all those great designers out there, from time to time I like to have a go at creating my own papers, elements and alphas.  I create them from my own photos and sometimes my partner's, Steve's, as well as a few drawings I have done.  I use the tools that are available in Craft Artist too, for things like creating textures on papers and adding effects.

I've created this page from the largest kit of coordinating items that I've created and was really pleased with the outcome :)


  1. It's very satisying making your own kits - thank goodness for Craft Artist being so easy to use.
    Beautiful layout Natasha, thats a lovely looking place on the back ground... and are your other photos of Japanese Anemone?

  2. Thank you :)
    Yes they are Japanese Anemone's but unfortunately not in my garden.
    I would love some though!

  3. Wonderful page and it is such fun designing things - Your designs are great x